Flatbed Specialists - over 75 years (combined) of asset-based experience

MC#: 531898   SCAC Code: TDGE   Carrier Packet

Dispatch Offices

Michigan City, IN: Ph: 989-681-5754 Fax: 989-632-1416
Chattanooga, TN: Ph: 423-629-7001 Fax: 423-629-7004

Tandem Logistics, LLC is a rapidly growing firm committed to assisting BOTH our customer and carrier partners. We specialize in flatbed business with over a combined 75 years of asset-based experience. We understand the business needs of all partners to make it economically viable for everyone's success.

Tandem Logistics has offices in Michigan City, IN, Chattanooga, TN, Vanlue, OH, and St Louis, MI. Click on the MC number above to view our current FMCSA information. Credit and Trade references available on request.

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Logistics Coordinators:

Tandem Specialized, Inc. is a multi-axle heavy haul company operating primarily in the state of Michigan. Working closely with Tandem Logistics, LLC, Tandem Specialized provides complete solutions for shippers and carriers.

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