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Dispatch Offices

Saint Louis, MI: Ph: 989-681-5754 Fax: 989-681-2216
Michigan City, IN: Ph: 989-796-4792 Fax: 989-796-4792
Vanlue, OH: Ph: 989-796-4345 Fax: 989-796-4345

Are you an experienced freight broker?
We want to work with you.

We are seeking experienced individuals who are looking for an opportunity to build their own future as a freight broker / agent with Tandem Logistics, LLC.

Partner with us as a freight broker / agent and you will�

  • Be an agent of a well-established and respected transportation broker
  • Use Tandem Logistics, LLC�s name, liability insurance, bonds and resources
  • Operate with the financial stability of Tandem Logistics, LLC
  • Have the satisfaction of being a business owner and working for yourself
  • Know that we are committed to our agent�s success and growth

What are the benefits of being a broker/agent with Tandem Logistics, LLC?

  • You use our FMSCA Authority, Bond, and Liability and Cargo Insurance
  • We offer the best commissions in the business
  • Commissions are paid to you through direct deposit to your bank twice a month
  • An experienced support staff willing to help you with any and all issues you might encounter
  • Payment of freight charges to your carriers and the availability of a Quick Pay and Fuel Advance program for your carriers
  • Excellent pay terms and reputation with carriers
  • Central billing of loads from the corporate office
  • We process and maintain all required paperwork for loads
  • We have over 6000 carriers already set up in our database

We asks you to provide the following:

  • Established Customer base with the ability to move freight as soon as you start
  • Office with a minimum of a fax, telephone and high speed internet access
  • Assistance with obtaining required documentation from customers and carriers when needed
  • Knowledge and experience of the transportation industry and freight broker business

If you are interested in working with our experienced team, please contact Sandy Brown at (800) 232-6748 Ext.102 or email sbrown@tand.com

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